Working Kansans Still Falling Behind

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Earlier this month, the Kansas Department of Labor, in its annual statewide wage survey, announced that working Kansans continue to be left behind on national wage trends. According to the Topeka Capital-Journal

The Kansas Department of Labor says the average wage in Kansas in May 2009 was $18.52 an hour. That was an increase from $18.10 in May 2008, but still $2.38 an hour below the national pay average.

On statewide basis, working Kansans have been falling farther and farther behind while the top paid continue to earn more.  At the close of the 2000-2002 Census, the Economic Policy Institute and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) published a state-by-state analysis of income inequality and disparities between rich and working poor.

The 2002 report by the CBPP showed that between the late-1970s and the late-1990s, inflation-adjusted incomes for the poorest of Kansans fell by7% while the inflation-adjusted incomes for the richest Kansans grew by 52%.

The 2010 Kansas Department of Labor Wage Survey only goes to show that the trend continues and working Kansans continue to fall behind.

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Working Kansans Still Falling Behind

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