Brownback’s war against the middle class.

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We are a little over a week into the 2012 Session and Brownback administration is literally thowing things against the wall to see what will stick. Not surprisingly, these ideas all happen to be bad news for working families.

We’ve focused so far on the Governor’s plan to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy, and yesterday we learned just how much of a sham this whole plan is for most Kansans. Because of all of the exemptions and deductions Brownback is eliminating, Kansans whose taxable income is less than $25000 a year will get an average tax INCREASE of 5000%.

Late last year Governor Brownback rolled out his school finance plan that essentially freezes state spending on schools going forward and lets you pay for future increases by paying more in property tax. And in keeping with his theme of eliminating the good ideas that made Kansas such a great state to raise a family in, the Governor proposed eliminating all of the the dedicated support for students in poverty.

So, what he rolled out is a plan that hurts most students and shifts the burden of paying for it onto your property tax bill so that he can free up more state money to give away in income tax breaks for the wealthy.

It makes you wonder: What did the middle class ever do to Sam Brownback?

As we said last night, Governor Brownback is declaring war on working Kansans. Giving the working poor a 5000% tax INCREASE and capping state spending on schools is certainly no way to grow the middle class.

But if your goal is to set up a system where tax breaks go to corporations, banks and the wealthy, then somebody is going to have to pay for it.

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Brownback’s war against the middle class.

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