Brownback’s Nuclear Tax Plan Explodes

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There is nothing quite like seeing a sore loser in action, especially when this sore loser is threatening to put the citizens and the future of Kansas at risk.

Today the Kansas Senate voted to keep a new version of Brownback’s tax plan in committee in order to seek further compromise between the House and Senate and create a fiscally responsible bill that will not completely bankrupt the state like the current version which is sitting on Brownback’s desk right now.

However the House has refused to go any further in negotiations leaving the future of our great state hanging in the balance.

After not getting his way time and time again this legislative session Governor Brownback has threatened to sign the reckless $4.5 Billion dollar tax cut for businesses and rich Kansans and now he has a choice to make.

The tax cut will absolutely destroy Kansas as we know it – leaving a $2.7 Billion crater in the budget by 2018 – and the only person who can stop it is Sam Brownback.

Schools, highways, prisons, services for the elderly and disabled…all suffered deep cuts over the last several years that will never be restored if the Governor signs this bill. State employee pay will suffer. 

Unless Sam Brownback vetoes this tax cut.

And while businesses and rich Kansans enjoy their income tax cuts the rest of Kansas will see property and sales taxes go up and up and up.

Governor Brownback’s office can be reached by calling 877-579-6757. Tell him to veto the reckless tax cut bill HB 2117. 

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Brownback’s Nuclear Tax Plan Explodes

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