The end of Kansas as we know it.

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If the governor now signs the tax bill on his desk there will be no money for anything. Public education, state employees, roads, KPERS, police and firefighters. Nothing.

Click here to add your name to our petiton urgin the Governor to Veto HB 2117 and keep Kansas from going bankrupt.

Then take a moment to call the governor’s office and ask him to veto HB 2117. Call Governor Brownback at (785) 296-3232 *TODAY* and ask him to VETO his tax bill.

Increased property taxes, increased class sizes and drastic cuts to vital public safety and infrastructure programs are not Kansas values. Tell Governor Brownback to VETO any tax plan that puts our children’s future at risk and drives up our property taxes.

Sign our petition here and stand up for the future of Kansas.

Please call (785) 296-3232 and tell the Governor to VETO his tax bill. It will devastate the state and every vital program that serve every Kansan.

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The end of Kansas as we know it.

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