The Working Kansas Alliance Blasts Brownback’s Bus Tour

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(Topeka)—The Working Kansas Alliance announced it’s endorsement of state legislators for their work on behalf of Kansas working families yesterday.  The announcement comes prior to the Governor’s Road Map tour, which Terry Forsyth, president of the Alliance, called a campaign gimmick to further an agenda of tax breaks for millionaires, property tax increases for working Kansans and historic cuts to public schools.

“No matter how many “tours” the Governor embarks on, it cannot change the fact that his road map has lead to historic cuts to Kansas schools to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and his corporate campaign supporters, leaving the rest of us with higher property taxes.”


Forsyth pointed to recent campaign finance reports which show the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, corporations such as Crossland Construction in Southeast Kansas and shady third party groups like Americans for Prosperity have funneled millions dollars into campaigns for candidates that will rubber-stamp the Governor’s policies.

“The Governor’s big dollar friends have spent massive amounts of money to protect their bottom line,” Forsyth said. “They stand to make millions off the Governor’s policies. Yet under his watch we’ve seen Boeing leave, cuts to important services like police and firemen, and economic development partnerships that help small Kansas towns thrive have been shut down.”

“In stark contrast, we are proud to honor these legislators for their dedication to the working people who made Kansas the state it is today. All legislators like to talk about ‘jobs’ and ‘investments’ but only those who actually put Kansans first are fighting the working men and women of this state.  While the 2011-2012 Kansas Legislature will not be remembered for its commitment to the interests of working families, the following legislators distinguished themselves by putting working Kansans first.”

The Working Kansas Alliance is a coalition of organizations of working men and women from across Kansas, including both union and non-union member organizations. Kansans are invited to learn more at

In case you missed it below is the list of candidates endorsed by the Working Kansas Alliance broken down into regions.


Kansas City/ Leavenworth/ Johnson County:

Kelly Kultala – D – District 5

David Haley – D – District 4

John Vratil – R – District 11

Terrie Huntington – R – District 7

Tom Burroughs – D – District 33

Stan Frownfelter – D – District 37

Valdenia Winn – D – District 34

Broderick Henderson – D – District 35

Kathy Wolfe Moore – D – District 36

Louis Ruiz – D – District 31

Mike Peterson – D – District 32

Melanie Meier – D – District 41


Topeka/ Northeast Kansas:

Anthony Hensley D-Topeka District  19

Laura Kelly D-Topeka District 18

Vicki Schmidt R-Topeka District 20

Sean Gatewood D-Topeka District 50

Annie Kuether   D-Topeka District 55

Harold Lane D-Topeka District 58

Trent LeDoux R-Holton District 61

Ann Mah D-Topeka District 54

Annie Tietze D-Topeka District 53

Jerry Henry D-Cummings District 63

Sydney Carlin D-Manhattan District 66



Marci Francisco D-Lawrence District   2

Tom Holland D-Baldwin City District 3

Barbara Ballard D-Lawrence District 44

Paul Davis D-Lawrence District 46


Southeast Kansas:

Bill Feuerborn D-Garnett District 5

Bob Grant D-Frontenac District 2

Bill Otto R-LeRoy District 76

Doug Gatewood D-Columbus District 1

Dwayne Umbarger R-Thayer District 15

Bob Marshall R-Fort Scott District 14


Wichita/South Central Kansas:

Oletha Faust-Goudeau D-Wichita District 29

Nile Dillmore D-Wichita District 92

Gail Finney D-Wichita District 84

Geraldine Flaharty D-Wichita District 98

Jim Ward D-Wichita District 86

Ponka-We Victors D-Wichtia District 103

Melody McCray Miller D-Wichita District 89

Ed Trimmer D-Winfield District 79

Vince Wetta D-Wellington District 116

Jan Pauls D-Hutchinson District 102

Carolyn McGinn R- Sedgwick District 31

Jean Schodorf R-Wichita District 25

Jay Scott Emler R-Lindsborg District 35


Northwest Kansas:

Eber Phelps D-Hays District 111

Allen Schmidt D-Hays District 40


Southwest Kansas:

Stephen Morris R-Hugoton District 39

Ruth Teichman R-Stafford District 33


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The Working Kansas Alliance Blasts Brownback’s Bus Tour

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