Take Action to Defend Workers Rights.

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The Kansas Legislature’s first vote of the year house bill 2023 was a direct attack on organized labor in the state of Kansas. House bill 2023 seeks to limit the voices of public employees and their unions. This is just the first of many anti-labor bills that are before the legislature this session. Though we all have different political beliefs it would seem safe to say that if you are a working Kansan, union member or union supporter in this right to work state that you believe in that right and all the benefits that come with it.

It is with this in mind that we are writing this post. We need working people, union members and our supporters from across the state to contact their state representatives and express their opposition to anti-union legislation. As it stands right now there are 9 bills that seek to undermine the power that workers have in the state of Kansas. It is important as members of either party that you contact your reps on these issues as they come up.

If you don’t know who your Kansas representative are you can find that information by visiting this website. Once you know who your rep. or senator is you can visit this spreadsheet to see how they have voted on labor bills that action has already been taken on. This isn’t purely Democrat Vs. Republican. Today 23 republicans went against their leadership to oppose HB 2023. We feel more could join them in the future. Just because someone votes for or against doesn’t mean that they will not change their vote in the future when they are contacted by their constituency. If they appear to be a labor supporter don’t think it is not worth a phone call, please contact them and thank them for their support.

In the aim of keeping you more informed about the actions that are coming before the legislature you can add your name to our email list here on the right hand side of the Working Kansans website and like our Facebook page. Also please share this with anyone who you think might be interested in protecting the rights of working people in Kansas. Kansas politicians make the assumption that unions are only composed of Democrats, this is not true. Many unions in Kansas have a majority of their membership as registered Republicans. Which makes it even more important that you make your voice heard. We will post regular action alerts when it is important to contact your state representative or senator.

Many of these bills at first glance may not seem to affect your work directly but there is an old union slogan, “An injury to one is an injury to all.” If we allow rights and benefits to be taken away from any workers you can guarantee every worker is the next target of the Kansas Legislature’s attacks. We must stand in solidarity with all  working people and union members across the state of Kansas.

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Take Action to Defend Workers Rights.

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