Kansas anti-labor bills, the calm before the storm.

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The attacks on organized labor have gone eerily quite during the past two days but they will likely be coming up quickly. These attacks are being spearheaded by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and anti-worker extremist in the Kansas Legislature.

Here’s a brief summary of major anti-labor bills currently introduced. Take action and contact your Legislators today! Tell them to oppose these attacks on working families.

Click here to find out who your legislators are and how to contact them.

HB 2023/SB 31, keeping teachers and other public employees out of politics and advocacy. This so-called “paycheck protection” bill prohibits the use of any money collected via payroll deduction from being spent on “political activities” which is defined so vaguely and broadly that it likely goes way beyond campaigns and includes any advocacy work done on behalf of a unions members. Click here to read the truth about this bill. HB 2023 has passed the House on a vote of 68-56 and is now awaiting action by the Senate Commerce Committee. SB 31 is in the Senate Commerce Committee and has not yet had a hearing. This is the bill that the top Kansas Chamber of Commerce lobbyist, Eric Stafford, said he needed to pass to “get rid of public sector unions.”


HB 2085 is a bill designed to essentially eliminate collective bargaining for teachers. Under this bill, bargaining cannot be exclusively granted to a bargaining agent as is the case now. Now, teachers in a district vote to choose a bargaining agent (mostly KNEA) and school boards negotiate a contract with that bargaining agent that applies to all teachers. HB 2085 says the board must negotiate with any individual employee who wants to negotiate his/her own deal. The bill further makes all collective bargaining permissive. The school board could decide simply not to bargain with anyone and impose whatever they felt like imposing.

The bill has had a hearing in the House Commerce Committee but no action has yet been taken by the Committee.


HB 2123 would make mandatory collective bargaining laws and payroll deduction for association dues illegal. It applies to public sector unions only.

This bill is in the House Commerce Committee and has not yet had a hearing.


HB 2221 would remove exclusive use of school facilities from the professional negotiations act and require school boards to open functions to any and all groups offering professional development or liability insurance. This would create chaos for administrators who would be forced to open events such as convocation to a potentially unlimited number of groups. Also open to all groups would be bulletin boards and school mail services. Under current law, a school district must bargain exclusive use but is not required to grant it.

This bill is in the House Education Committee and has a hearing on Monday, Feb. 11.


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Kansas anti-labor bills, the calm before the storm.

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