Meet Lana Gordon: Brownback’s Newest Anti-Worker Warrior.

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Earlier this year the Kansas Senate confirmed former State Representative Lana Gordon as the new Kansas Secretary of Labor. Gordon was chosen by Brownback to replace the former Secretary, Karin Brownlee, who you may have read a lot about last year on our site.

No one really knows the true reason for Brownback dismissing Brownlee from her post, but it is widely rumored it is because of Brownlee’s hostile relation with organized labor and pro-worker groups in Kansas (including this one).

It is also widely rumored that Gordon was Brownback’s pick because he wanted the Kansas Department of Labor to get along with these groups that Brownlee had issues with, and Gordon was viewed as best choice for the task at hand.

Unfortunately for Brownback it isn’t (totally) the personalities of his appointments that organized labor and pro-worker groups take issue with, it’s the policy that they are attempting to spearhead through the Kansas Legislature.

When Gordon took over she claimed to be pro-worker, and that she was different than Brownlee. However her actions have quickly shown us that she is no different than the previous Secretary. 

Gordon, much like her predecesor,  has continued to carry water for the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and anti-worker extremists by supporting drastic changes to the current Unemployment Insurance laws, Worker’s Compensation laws, and once again attempting last year’s failed court packing scheme.

All of these measures supported by Gordon and her anti-worker buddies at the Kansas Chamber of Commerce do nothing more than push back workers’ rights in Kansas and stack the deck against working families.  

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Meet Lana Gordon: Brownback’s Newest Anti-Worker Warrior.

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