Senate Leadership Rejects Legislation to Hire Kansans First

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Early today the Kansas Senate Commerce Committee had a hearing on SB 179, also know as “Hire Kansans First”. This bill is a common sense measure that would require¬†contractors and subcontractors involved in state contracts, or public projects that are funded by taxpayer money, in excess of $100,000 to abide by the 70¬†percent rule starting in 2014.

Sb 179 should be a bipartisan piece of legislation that not only helps put Kansans back to work but also reinvests taxpayer money in the Kansas economy rather than sending it out of state.

Unfortunately SB 179 is opposed by Senate Leadership and their pals over at the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. Once again Senate Leadership is turning their packs on Kansas workers by allowing out of state and undocumented workers to take jobs away from Kansas workers.

Kansas deserves better. Call your Senators and tell them to stop sending jobs out of state and focus on putting Kansans back to work . Tell them to support SB 179 and make taxpayer dollars work for us by reinvesting in our Kansas economy.

Click here to find the contact information for your Senator.

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Senate Leadership Rejects Legislation to Hire Kansans First

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