HB 2069: Brownback and Crossland’s Attempt to Suppress Wages in Kansas

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Crossland Construction Company, a major contributor to Governor Brownback and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, is currently pushing legislation in the Kansas Legislature to limit the wages of Kansas workers on construction projects funded with taxpayer dollars.

The bill, HB 2069, would prohibit any local unit of government from enacting local ordinances that require contractors to pay prevailing wages or anything more than minimum wage on public works projects.

Currently Kansas law does not require prevailing wage to be paid on construction projects that receive taxpayer funds but certain local municipalities such as the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/ Kansas City, KS have instated local policies requiring any project funded with taxpayer money pay prevailing wages to the workers.

Crossland Construction is a major contractor, who’s business model is based on public projects.  Over the course of the last ten years Crossland Construction has received close to $200 million in government contracts. So, Crossland has pocketed millions in taxpayer dollars, while they openly champion limited government, pushing back workers compensation laws, and lowering workers’ wages.  We guess limited government is only good if it is limited to Crossland’s coffers.

A large amount of this money over the last ten years has found its way to the Kansas Chamber of Commerce’s PAC to back the effort to purge the Kansas Senate of moderate Republicans, and advocate for anti-worker policies and candidates. Now, Crossland is calling in favors with the conservative candidates they bought with taxpayer dollars and pushing legislation that will supress wages accross Kansas.

The legislation is a shameless attempt to sacrifice worker’s wages so Crossland can suck more from the government trough and use to buy the loyalty of more legislators in future elections.

Call your legislator today.  Tell them political paybacks are wrong for Kansas, and tell them to stand up for hardworking Kansas taxpayers.

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HB 2069: Brownback and Crossland’s Attempt to Suppress Wages in Kansas

2 Comments on “HB 2069: Brownback and Crossland’s Attempt to Suppress Wages in Kansas”

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