The new Hb 2022: Wagle’s Paycheck Deception Hypocrisy

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Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle is after workers paychecks once again. This morning the Senate Committee on Commerce took action on HB 2022, a bill that would allow an employer to withhold portions of an employees paycheck for numerous reasons and without any limits, and amended in Hb 2023, the infamous paycheck deception bill that would forbid employees from choosing to have portions of their paycheck withheld to go to their unions PAC fund.

So to break it down the new HB 2022 now says that an employeer can take any portion of a workers paycheck for a multitude of reasons, but the employee can no longer make a decision on how they would like to spend their own paycheck. The new HB 2022 is hypocrisy at it’s worst and very telling of how Susan Wagle and her buddies at the Kansas Chamber of Commerce really feel about Kansas workers. 

Here’s a little more about the two bills that they combined this morning.

HB 2022:

HB 2022 as written would allow an employer to make addition deductions from an employees wages for overpayment or loan repayment with only a written notice and without any limits. Essentially this grants an employer the rights to garnish a substantial portion of an employee’s paycheck. For workers and their families who live paycheck to paycheck this could have a dramatic impact on their ability to make ends meet. Without some requirements that the employer and the employee must have an agreed upon method for repayment HB 2022 is completely without balance in the employer-employee relationship.

Hb 2023

The deceptively-named ‘Paycheck protection’ is public employee union busting in its purest form. The ‘Paycheck deception’ as it should rightfully be called, seeks to deprive public workers of their right to a union voice in the workplace by stripping them of the ability to have dues deducted from their paycheck.

By law, Kansas is a right to work state and all union membership is completely voluntary, public and private. No employee can pay union dues without proactively approaching the union and signing a card expressing their will to join the union.

The bill is a one-sided attack on the ability of workers to stand together to obtain middle-class dignity and benefits in the workplace.  It would deny unions,  and only unions, the right to speak out on issues that concern working families without jumping through contrived hoops aimed at weakening their voice. All while corporate PACs and other special interest groups are allowed to go without any restrictions.

“Paycheck Deception” is unclear, unfair, and unnecessary. Unions and corporations spend money on political activity. Existing law already bans the use of union dues or corporate funds to make contributions to candidates. Contributions by union members to union political action committees are voluntary and made separately from dues payments.

The bill does nothing more than single out our most trusted public employees, such as teachers, nurses, and firefighters, and denies them the freedom and their right to use payroll deductions to make voluntary political donations.


Call your State Senator’s and tell them to end these outrageous attacks on the hard working men and women of Kansas and to vote against the new HB 2022. 

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The new Hb 2022: Wagle’s Paycheck Deception Hypocrisy

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